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Merchant Services

eStar One provides CertifyPCI™, an in-house automated web-based PCI tool that provides an easy way to PCI certify qualified merchants and agents.

According to Visa, merchants and agents are required to use payment applications that support PCI Data Security Standards (DSS) compliance by July 1, 2010 as an effort to mitigate emerging security risks.

CertifyPCI™ is the first and only gateway integrated PCI Compliance software that will provide a client with a turnkey e-commerce solution inclusive of PCI certification.

Committed to streamline that process for merchants and agents to achieve and maintain a high security posture for their businesses.

Offers a $50,000 per occurrence insurance for merchants and agents should there be a compromise incident.

With PCI compliancy status, we allow merchants to unlock sensitive payment information after they have provided the gateway, a current and valid PCI acceptance certificate and is approved by a gateway administrator.